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We are a non profit charity organization works toward saving the community from the spread of deadly diseases and embrace scientific research to improve the life quality of our people.

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Halwest Concert in Erbil

During this EID, the first event is to host a great singer in Hawler. The income of this event will go directly to CHRO project.

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Art gallery for chro project

On 06/08/2017 at 10:00 am in Amna Suraka Muesuem of Sulaimani city an art gallery opened. The aim of this activity was to support chro project through art. The art gallery was organized by the 7 colors center (Nawandi 7 Ranga) and chro project volunteers.
The gallery lasted for two

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Slemany University


Chro project made a presentation at Slemany university on Sunday 4th of February 2018 in Republican hall Slemany university at 11 am, Eco organization that its own of the Chro project, with deal center of gender violence a presentation was presented in (cancer,

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From Slemany directly to Halabja

The Chro project made a cementer at Halabja University. On Monday 5th of February 2018 in Halabja University hall at 11 am , the Eco organization that it is the owner of Chro project, with co-operation the headship of Halabja university connection part and by sponsor Avakurd for

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According to our recent data Iraq and Kurdistan region is among the fastest countries of cancer incidence spread.Right now 35% of people are under the risk of getting cancer in Iraq and Kurdistan. However, with the same pace and same conditions this may increase to 50% by 2020. Thus, and due to the necessity of research in cancer control and causes along with the emergence of this high incidence of risk CHRO is born. CHRO is a genuine and unique project from the community to the community. The main goal of this project is to fight cancer and its speedy spread through research and early diagnosis strategy. This is through establishing an academic and public center that aims to start a screening program for citizens. Such a strategy ensure early diagnosis which is till now is the best treatment for cancer. This project will ensure a safer and more resistant future. The project will build a boundary around the speedy spread of cancer. The spread of cancer is a horizontal casea and couldn't be treated vertically via chemotherapy and other methodologies unless there is clear vision of prevention protocols of its spread. Research indicated that 97% of cases of 3rd and 4th stages of cancer can not be cured through treatment. Such trials of chemotherapy and other methods is nothing more than waste of money and hurts the patients more.


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What people say

Dr. Osman Halabjayi
We may not be safe from the risk of getting Cancer. I believe in CHRO Project.
Nma Nariman
CHRO is a center from the community to the community. I Believe in CHRO.
Shara Ibrahim
CHRO is a genuine faithful project to fight Cancer and to reduce the predisposing factors in Kurdistan. I believe in CHRO.
Kizhan Ibrahim Khayat
Let us all support CHRO. I believe in CHRO Project.
Hiwa Jamal
We need to do continuous screening in order for early diagnosis. I believe in CHRO Project.
Fatih Sharesteni
A Healthy community requires a healthy awareness. I Believe in CHRO.